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Customized Success Strategies for Your Business & Life

You're sure you could go further faster if only you could...


Stop second-guessing yourself & move forward with clarity.


Know exactly what to focus on & how to go about it.


Implement a strategy that encompasses all of the moving parts.

Imagine if it was easy...

What if you could take your frustration and turn it into forward momentum?

What if you could distill your work down to only the essentials to create plenty of space for self-care & the things that bring you joy?

What if you were confident that your business would thrive, even on your “bad” days?

It's possible when you have customized success strategies for your business & life.

Let's Do it together!


1:1 Coaching

Mindset & Strategy


Get clear on your vision for your life & your business. Open your mind to what's really possible.


Don't let strategy be an afterthought - learn to incorporate self-care into your business model & plan for success.


Streamline your systems for efficiency & profitability so you can focus more of your energy on the things that matter.

Action Plan

Develop a step-by-step plan to move you forward faster, without second-guessing yourself along the way.

Find Your Fit
1:1 Clarity Coaching & Business Strategy

This focused week of transformation is perfect for you if you’re just thinking about starting a business or if you want to make any type of major change in your current business.

We’ll start the week with a 45 Minute Coaching Session designed to map out your vision, work on your mindset, & create a clear plan of action to move you closer to your goals.

You’ll get 1 Week of Unlimited Voxer Chat Support so you can ask questions, share successes, & get feedback continuously.

At the end of the week, we will wrap up with another 45 Minute Coaching Session to evaluate your progress & design an action plan for your next steps.


3 Months of Ongoing Support to help you make major progress in your business through a combination of mindset, strategy, & accountability.

After each session, you’ll return to your business with fresh insights, renewed energy, and a laser focus on the specific steps you can take to measurably increase your results.

3 Hours of Coaching Monthly to clarify your vision, plan your strategy, improve your systems, and keep you focused on your action plan. You can divide the hours into 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions to best meet your needs.

Unlimited Voxer Chat Support so you never feel alone in your business! Ask questions, get feedback, & stop feeling stuck.

$2500, payment plans available

This 90 Minute Session is for you if you need clarity around your goals or next steps for moving forward. Whether you want to implement a new idea or reevaluate your current direction, you’ll know exactly what to do next after our session.

Includes 2 days of Voxer Chat Support for those questions you forgot to ask & those doubts that sometimes creep in as you start moving forward.


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Haylee Galloway


I’m a clarity coach & business strategist for online business owners with chronic or mental illness. Most experts seem to endorse a hustle mentality, but I believe that success & self-care go hand in hand. Building an online business should empower you – not drain you!

Throughout my career I’ve worked with businesses of all types, from startups to corporations. My background includes roles in Human Resources, Management, Sales, Operations, Accounting, & Marketing.