about Haylee

Customized Success Strategies for Your Business & Life

If you're like most of my clients, you're ambitious but sometimes just feel stuck.

Are you desperate to believe that your online business has a firm foundation & won’t fall to pieces on your ‘bad’ days?

Are you committed to uncovering a way to balance the demands of running a business with your well-being?

Do you want to make strategic business decisions that will lead to sustainable growth?

You're after success on your own terms, but it feels like you're going so much slower than everyone else.

It's ok!

Direction is infinitely more important than speed - many are going nowhere fast.

When living with a chronic or mental illness, uncertainty is the name of the game. 

You know all too well that when your work & life are out of balance it takes a toll on your health, but you want to do work you can be proud of. 

You’re frustrated by your limitations & unwilling to let them impact your ability to be successful.

I've been there.

Even though I knew better, I kept pushing myself because I refused to accept my new normal.

I know what it feels like to have your identity tied to your work. 

To wonder… who am I if I don’t work?

I struggled to let go of the prior plans I had for my life & accept that things would never be the same.

Once I realized that I could build a business online & tailor it to my needs, I was re-inspired.

I could envision a new life that would honor my limitations.

I was able to replace my corporate income & feel empowered by my accomplishment.

Now I want to help you do the same.

Hi, I'm Haylee Galloway.

I’m a business strategist & coach for online business owners with chronic or mental illness. Most experts seem to endorse a hustle mentality, but I believe that success & self-care go hand in hand. Building an online business should empower you – not drain you!

Throughout my career I’ve worked with businesses of all types, from startups to corporations. My background includes roles in Human Resources, Management, Sales, Operations, Accounting, & Marketing. 

My broad range of experience comes from my thirst for knowledge & love of learning. Because of this, my education is just as varied as my job history! I studied Retail & Consumer Science in undergrad, then went on to earn my Masters Degree in Business Administration. I am also certified as a Human Resource Professional (PHR). 

Customized Success Strategies for Your Business & Life

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