And Why I’m Starting Over

“Sometimes it’s not about trying to fix something that’s broken. Sometimes it’s about starting again and building something new. Something better” 

Leisa Rayven

Your very first foray into the blogging world can be pretty daunting. I know it was for me. Seriously, though. Putting together an essay and hoping for a decent grade is one thing, but putting your writing out into the world? That’s a whole different level.

Since I was way too worried about what people might think, I played it way too safe. I made sure that nothing in my posts would offend anyone, and stayed away from any kind of content that had even a remote chance of doing anything but encourage my reader.

I’ve heard it said that when you try to please everyone you please no one.

Hello, people pleaser here!

And yeah, it doesn’t really work. Not in the real world (it’s literally impossible to please everyone) and certainly not in the online space.

So I am here to tell you WHY I killed my blog (that I spent an entire year focused on building) and why I am excited to start over.

1. It Wasn’t Authentic

Sure, I gave good advice. I put forth some insights that were really helpful, and people even liked my content!

But I was hiding.

I was hiding my incredible gifts and creativity behind what I thought I was supposed to be doing.

Just like I do in the real world.

I started a “working mom blog” because I’m a mom. I kept finding myself posting content that was more work related than mom related, but instead of realizing that I should allow myself to go down the path I was being called, I kept forcing myself back to subjects that really don’t spark my passion.

I hate the thought of failing, and for a long time I believed that if I changed direction, I was admitting defeat.

That is SO NOT TRUE!!!

As soon as I decided that being true to myself and changing direction was a success instead of a failure, my entire outlook changed.

I am confident that by following my heart, I will be able to educate and inspire others in a meaningful way.

How is that a failure?

2. It Wasn’t My Best Work

Just like I hate admitting defeat, I also hate admitting that I didn’t put my best effort into something.

It makes me feel icky.

But the most important thing about being authentic is being totally (and sometimes painfully) honest.

So, yeah, I put out crappy content. I half-assed my blog posts, my social media, and my graphics. It was on my to-do list, so I did it. But I didn’t put my heart into it.

The worst part?

It was TOTALLY obvious.

Here I was on Facebook giving out incredible feedback, encouraging my peers, and coming to the rescue with just the “thing” that would make it all better...

But if any of those friends thought they would find similar content on my website, they would be sorely disappointed.

I was doing a disservice to those who I connected with by focusing more on the actions I was taking than the results of the work I was doing.

3. It Wasn’t Making Me Happy

I started my blog as a side hustle.

A “fun thing” to do, with the hope of one day turning it into an income source for my family.

For months, I worked on branding, automation, website design, and pumping out content (the half-hearted stuff I told you about earlier).

I am not a graphic designer nor a website developer. I am not a lot of things – but I thought that I HAD to be them in order to turn this side hustle into a success.

I also wanted everything to be PERFECT.

Crazy, right?

Yeah, I know. I know because I drove myself absolutely crazy trying to be a professional EVERYTHING instead of simply focusing on the things I am good at… and allowing the others just be good ENOUGH.

Why I’m Starting Over With A Brand New Blog

Here’s the thing:

I TRIED to fix my other blog. I really did. I tried for the last few months and wasted a TON of time.

Until one day I realized that if I was trying for a fresh start, then I needed to use a clean slate.

No amount of reformatting was going to put the level of authenticity into my posts that I really want to deliver.

No graphic was going to convey all of those feelings that I left out of my writing.

And when you build on a broken foundation, you are limited in your ability to build something good. It won’t be as strong as it could be. It won’t be as big as it could be.

So I’m starting over.

And I’m really glad you’re here.

Haylee Galloway

11 Comments on 3 Reasons Why I Killed My Blog

  1. Thank you for being so authentic & truthful with this post. I’m just starting out and initially really wanted blogging to be a way of self-care & to process my feeling however, I then began thinking why not try to make something out of it since others have been & WHY NOT ME. So I definitely appreciate you sharing your ups and downs. There are definitely times I feel I need to fit into a specific grouping when I want to be versatile/ feel I have to fit into a specific molding. I was also very worried about who would see my posts & maybe I shouldn’t share too much however, I now see that this is for me & screw what anyone else thinks lol. I’m glad you’re starting over for yourself & I wish you luck!

  2. Very brave. I went through a rebrand last year as my name did not reflect the niche my blog had pivoted into. It was scary as hell and I wondered whether I was doing the right thing but 3 months later I’m so happy I did. I didn’t want to start from scratch as I was 18 months into my new niche so a rebrand it was for me
    And I’ve no regrets. This year I’m focusing on SEO to create the best content I can and I’ll be spending less time worrying as bout social media. Best of luck with the new blog!

  3. Congrats on your new blog. I have also consider a new blog but I am rebranding instead since my blog is 3 years old. I am trying to find my niche, the perfect domain ( that is not taken) and all the gazillion other must-dos. It’s hard work so congrats on new beginnings. Can’t wait to read more.

    • You are so right – there are TONS of things to take into consideration! It is definitely a lot of work, and it is a great idea to make your gameplan ahead of time to avoid feeling lost in the middle of it all.

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